The RNRK Story

Born in Los Angeles, RNRK (Rock ‘n’ Roll Kid) is more than a lifestyle brand for kids – it’s a bold, new form of expression to inspire self-confidence and individuality for kids and teens.
We (Tom Jermann and Toby Yoo) founded RNRK as the combination of our two most valuable life adventures: one, lessons we are learning while raising an awesome kid, and two, our 20+ years of experience in the music and entertainment industry providing creative direction and design for artists like KISS, Van Halen, Def Leppard, and many others. (Please visit if you are interested in seeing our studio projects).
After a relentless quest of not finding what we wanted for our discerning daughter, we were feed up with being bombarded by an ocean of clichés of gender divide and kitsch: unicorns, bunnies, action figures and endless rainbows. And while we have nothing against butterflies or superheroes (kapow!), they have no business on our products.
Instead, you’ll find cool, positive, rock ‘n’ roll inspired designs with empowering statements. Why? Because we know kids have a lot more meaningful things to say! 
Kids in this age group are becoming independent. They’re seeking out purpose, and have the curiosity to connect with the deeper meaning of words. This is a critical time when they develop their self-esteem and identity. So imagine their frustration when the messages that are being catered to them are the same as those being catered to 2-6-year old’s on the most popular brands today. Nope!
Being an RNRK means to not conform to what is popular, but to forge your own path. An RNRK is a curious, independent thinker with a love for sports, music and creativity. With RNRK, we encourage kids to feel emboldened and to have the courage to follow their dreams. That’s what RNRK is all about.
We want to connect with like-minded parents and grandparents raising cool children who feel the same way we do. We have bold ideas on the horizon, and this is just the beginning!
So let’s chat. Browse our products, feel inspired. Join the Positive Rebellion!
We owe it to our kids – the next generation of leaders, trendsetters, and rock ‘n’ rollers of tomorrow.